It's happening

21 - 30 June
Miguel Bonneville
Through his intimate performance Portuguese artist Miguel Bonneville offers us a journey through his autobiographical stories that focus on the deconstruction and reconstruction of identity.
28, 29 and 30 June
This new proposal for Café Naves Matadero is born from a reconfiguration of cabaret, taking its irreverent spirit and political character in relation to queer culture and turning it into a meeting place where the performers alter, question and sabotage their own identity, using their bodies as the only scenic space.
28, 29 and 30 June
Chen Chieh-jen
Taiwan’s Chen Chieh-jen is one of the most important Asian artists on the international contemporary art scene. Present at the most important art biennials such as Sao Paulo (1998) or Venice (on two occasions, 1999 and 2005), his visual work offers a critical reflection on the strategies of power.
5, 6 and 7 July
Miguel Bonneville
A performance by Miguel Bonneville with only one person in the audience at a time (by appointment). The rooftop house will become an intimate space, a possible refuge, a flight from our family homes.
12, 13 and 14 July
Hiroaki Umeda
Hiroaki Umeda is a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist acknowledged as one of the most important figures on the Japanese avant-garde scene.
18, 19 and 20 July
Philippe Quesne - Nanterre Amandiers
Seven moles digging their burrows have landed on the stage of a theatre. Seven moles living together, a utopia for a supposedly solitary animal. 
1 March - July
Jesús Placencia
This mural is intended to present the vision of the world that comes from collectively combining the individual visions of the participants.