Acoustic printer in .. (14 blots of one ) .. appearance
El Bailadero

Creators from various disciplines show their artistic work created during their residence at Naves Matadero along with the reknown artist Mónica Valenciano. 


Mónica Valenciano (Winner of the 2012 National Dance Award in the category of Creation) is an important figure in contemporary Spanish dance. Her career began at the end of the 1980s and in 1995 she formed part of the UVI collective together with Blanca Calvo, La Ribot, Olga Mesa, Elena Córdoba, and Ana Buitrago.

In 1997 the creation of her company, El Bailadero, drew a distinct line in her creative career which marked a before and an after for her work. It was at the helm of this group that she began her choreographic series Disparates (“Absurdities”), consisting of small creative puzzles constructed through the instinctive, the intimate and the immediate, in which language and its use through space and time take on a central importance. Inspired by the darkest and most grotesque aspect of Goya’s work, these Disparates reflect Mónica Valenciano’s interest in art, which is the basis of much of her work. Aúpa! (1989), Puntos suspensivos (1991), Miniaturas (1992) and Adivina en plata (1996-97) are some of the other works by this creator, who studies classical and contemporary dance and theatre at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and RESAD de Madrid, as well as other disciplines as diverse as boxing and martial arts, all of them focused on directly nourishing a personal and characteristic language. 

The seeds of this piece were sown in summer 2016 in L’Animal a l’esquena (Girona), when Mónica Valenciano, Raquel Sánchez, Tania Arias Winogradow, Jorge Rúa and Chefer joined forces to investigate and try out material prized by ValencianoUsed to working with her own fragility and in the privacy of her own team, Mónica has decided to open up and invite restless creators from various disciplines of dance, performance, the visual and audiovisual arts and the art of movement into her creative process. These dance halls, which have been held every Saturday in Naves Matadero-International Living Arts Centre (Madrid) since early 2017, are encounters where artists share languages and quests; they investigate from various perspectives that have potential dialogues with her, and proffer material whose skeletons progressively create bodies and places of work that converge into this ACOUSTIC PRINTER in .. ( 14 blots of one ) .. APPEARANCE.

“This encounter is laid out based on a map/cartography to be travelled, journeying through a deck of images... open correspondence, cards of a dance in the formulation of its own fabric. Tones of a gesture, rhythms of contact, movements of an absence at play. Corpographies of a network seeking that geography that forges an inner path... Bodies of a voice, branching into multiple planes. Space, in the leading role, ties us together in what it leaves behind... the skin of that space it touches, capable of holding an unexpected white ... And there where our gaze summons us, it ignites its vision: To Shuffle… Orchestral lagging and, offbeat, the white is a circus of eyes, it begins in a hole. Stone throwing is autumn... crossing the song of a tear returning, it dances, it listens to the stop pecking away at time. Does fear fade? ...A barking point sounds out in your saliva, and the witness wandering at the back of your eyes ...”, Mónica Valenciano.

In this piece, possessed by truth, Monica opens the door of her den to show something that she knows well and that the rest of us only sense. Together with Raquel, she extracts the essence of the epicentre of pain, humour, poetry, life. She throws questions at the audience with the body and the word. Words that live where secrets dwell, bodies that die and are born in an exorcism of generosity and need: the living body articulated in multiple Planes, Volumes and Nomadic Architectures; the body prepared to open boundaries, to confront itself, to question itself, to expose itself to the outside and to share; the body as a polyphonic orchestra; the body full of eyes.


Deputy: Raquel Sánchez 
Assistant: Jorge Rúa
Lighting: Cristina Libertad Bolívar
Music: Anton Webern 
Executive production: Jorge Rúa 
Audiovisuals: Marta Blanco 
Office: Norma Kraydeberg 
Advisory - Documentation: Cristina Carroquino 

11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26 and 27 may


70 minutes
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

12 euros