Angélica (A tragedy)
Manuel Fernández-Valdés

ANGELICA (A TRAGEDY) is a film by Manuel Fernández-Valdés about Angélica Liddell, one of Spain’s most international playwrights, directors and actors. This is the first time a camera has been allowed access to her rehearsals, and the result is an overwhelmingly intimate portrait of Angélica.


Angélica Liddell’s pain pulsates through every work she writes or directs and through every role she plays. Her poignant autobiographical works have earned her the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale Theatre Festival and the National Dramatic Literature Award. Her tours criss-cross the oceans and she has fans everywhere. She has the power to transform the gaze of whomsoever casts their eyes upon her, to cleave the status quo with her words, to shatter social taboos and to hurl darts with gay abandon. Because in her texts and on the stage, Angélica lays herself bare and performs a veritable act of self- exorcism so she can penetrate the other person and change something for all time.

When filmmaker Manuel Fernández-Valdés saw a play by Angélica for the first time, he felt that he had witnessed “a ritual sacrifice of a woman in a trance who unveiled her intimacies without shame. A woman in a frenzy who inspired compassion and terror”. After having premièred his two feature films Manuel and Elisa (2008), and Fraga and Fidel After All (2012), Manuel decided to create a portrayal of Angélica.

Angélica [A Tragedy] is a film about a devotee of art and the troubled relationship between creation and life. Her autobiographical theatre exposes her most intimate pain and the film reflects how this affects the essence of how she works and all the people who work with her. Everyone must decide how far they are willing to go with her. And the director of the film will not remain oblivious to the experience. “This is not a film about how an artist rehearses her work, it’s about how she rehearses her life. Alone in front of a mirror”, says Fernández-Valdés.

Duration: 83 min. aprox.

After the screening of the film, the director Manuel Fernández-Valdés will take part in a discussion with the audience.


Directed by: Manuel Fernández-Valdés
Production: Ester Rodríguez Sánchez
Camera: Manuel Fernández-Valdés
Sound: Moncho Fernández and Fernando Carmena
Production: ordenpropia
Language: Spanish

24 - 26 march


Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

12 euros