Antes de la metralla

Matarile has been creating groundbreaking stage performances for 30 years. Antes de la metralla is not a closed circuit. Rather, it showcases the outcome of various prior encounters: an event for a specific framework.


“With the aim of presenting some guidelines and interpretations of the contemporary scene from various angles and perspectives and through participation, Antes de la Metralla is a performative encounter with people who, on the one hand, offer up their points of view, and on the other, are willing to bare themselves onstage beyond the protection of words: we are all spectators”, says Matarile.

This process is thus open to spectators willing to take the floor and take a position; they need not necessarily be professionals.

Antes de la Metralla features: dancer and choreographer Mónica García; Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla, a theatre researcher, critic, tenured professor at Carlos III University in Madrid and Doctor of Hispanic Philology; Ana Contreras, a stage management teacher at RESAD as well as a stage manager, theatre researcher and public education activist; Lara Contreras, a visual artist, clown, actress and set and costume design assistant; Ricardo Santana, an actor, dancer, choreographer and teacher at the FUESCYL Foundation and RESAD; Baltasar Patiño, a lighting technician, set designer, founder of the National Network of Alternative Theatres (Red Estatal de Teatros Alternativos) and co-director of Matarile; Celeste González, the performer previously known as Mauricio González, who has “de”-formative training in academic dance and received the 2015 Catalan Critics Award (Premio de la Crítica de Catalunya) for Best Dance Solo; Ana Vallés, co-director of Matarile; and the various participants in the workshop.

In the words of Lola Correa, director of the Alt Festival: “Antes de la Metralla is a show that rocks absolute truths, recreating the uncertainty of necessary doubts. If it had been created by Peter Brook it would doubtless be in London’s top theatres”.

About Matarile

Matarile has been creating groundbreaking stage performances for 30 years. Founded in Santiago de Compostela by Ana Vallés and Baltasar Patiño, it has staged over 30 shows in several cities including Paris, Edinburgh, Boston and Leipzig, and has received over twenty awards and special mentions in Europe.

A pioneer of innovative theatre in Spain, Matarile is an indisputable benchmark on the contemporary performance scene, working miracles in terms of making audience members feel they are participants in something unique and inimitable. In fact, the company doesn’t seek an audience, but rather partners.

In 1993 it launched Teatro Galán in Santiago de Compostela, which was devoted to promoting and offering a programme of contemporary theatre and dance in Galicia until 2005, and for 12 years it has organised the En Pé de Pédra International Dance Festival.

Matarile creates an intriguing wild and poetic language which, as if it were an umbilical cord connected to the audience, injects doses of irony, music, fellowship, humour and reflection.

Mario Moutinho explains it in the following manner: “Independent theatre, when indeed it is such, has the ability to create contemporary productions with a strong element of social intervention, tackling individual and collective drama and conflicts in today’s society, developing these themes dramatically or bringing contemporary writers to the stage. Persisting. Because as Slavoj Žižek says in a quote in the work Antes de la Metralla, “the opposite of existence is not non-existence, but rather persistence”.

Photo © Jesús de Arcos


Direction: Ana Vallés
Texts: Equipo Metralla
Lights + Space: Baltasar Patiño
Choreography: Equipo Metralla
Clothing: Equipo Metralla
Musical selection: Equipo Metralla
Documentation: Jacobo Bugarín and Rubén Vilanova
Production: Juancho Gianzo
With the support of Matarile Teatro, all the participants in Metralla and the following festivals[MD1]: 32 MIT Mostra Internacional Teatro de Rivadavia 2016, FITO Festival Internacional de Teatro de Ourense 2016 and ALT de Vigo Festival Alternativo das Artes Escénicas de Vigo 2017
Touring grant from INAEM, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport – Government of Spain
Language: Spanish

21 and 22 October

8.30 p.m.

At least 90 minutes with no interval (it’s a work in process subject to continual change)
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

8 euros