ASINGELINE, an enacted thought

ASINGELINE, An Enacted Thought will be at Naves Matadero as part of the Best of BE FESTIVAL programme, which selects artists from the BE FESTIVAL in Birmingham every year and tours the United Kingdom and Spain with them.



Red lines evoke images of borders, of social taboos that must not be crossed, of forbidden and unsafe places. They spark political debate, divide social classes, signal an imaginary point of no return and feed the imagination.

MAMAZA, a performance and dance collective based in Frankfurt, will connect two points of Madrid and everything that sits along the path between them, extending a red line of tape that will cut across the city, crossing public spaces – streets, squares, parks… and private spaces – homes, restaurants, shops, bars… and ending at Naves Matadero. On this occasion the line is not a performance or an installation but rather a poetic delineation that inspires reflection; a thought put into action by the collective, with the help of everyone they encounter.

Undertaken in several cities around the world including Venice, Antwerp, Johannesburg, Lagos and Birmingham, ASINGELINE, An Enacted Thought reimagines the metaphor of the “red line” in a community context that unites people rather than divides them.

Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah and May Zarhy met at The Forsythe Company in 2005. Four years later they founded MAMAZA, and since then they have created a whole host of performances and what they call “written thoughts”: choreographic pieces that unfold outside of the theatre space and reposition choreography in the setting of social and public spaces. MAMAZA is currently based in Frankfurt and is directed by Fabrice Mazliah and May Zarhy.

Photos © D.R.


Mamaza: Ilan Kav and Johanna Milz
Door opened in Madrid: Selina Losa
Camera work and documentation: Jonathan Fuller Rowell
Production: BE FESTIVAL

In collaboration with
19 to 24 October (delineation)

24 October 8p.m. arrival to Cafetería Naves. 

From 25 October  2017 to 7 January 2018, projection of the delineation done at Cafetería Naves. Timetable:  monday to sunday from 10a.m. to 1p.m.

Naves Matadero Cafeteria

Free admission

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