Los Bárbaros/Laura Liz Gil Echenique (Terreno Común)

A collaboration between the Spanish group Los Bárbaros and the Cuban artist Laura Liz Gil Echenique, to create a work during a residency in Naves Matadero.


“In 1990, the residents of a small neighbourhood of Madrid, Cerro Belmonte, proclaimed their independence from Spain and were recognized by Cuba. It was their way of fighting against an unjust expropriation. When everything seems impossible, how many possibilities can we imagine? Atlantis is one of those possibilities, a form of dissent from which to build another world, or from which to rebuild ours”:

Los Bárbaros and Laura Liz Gil Echenique

Los Bárbaros tackle in their projects concepts that have to do with power, utopia and community. Their work flows from the everyday to the unexpected and poetic, creating spaces for dialogue and blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. Directed by Javier Hernando and Miguel Rojo, they fluctuate between activism, theatrical spaces and museum spaces. Throughout their career they have followed three lines of work: plays for theatres, participative workshop-pieces and unique pieces, created in private spaces and that take place only once.

Laura Liz Gil Echenique is a playwright and visual artist whose plays range between writing and living arts. She is currently carrying out research into ways of coming together through creation, questioning places of enunciation, the relationship between public and private, identity and the generation of affective bonds. Since 2016 she is also a member of the “Traficantes” Artistic Group.


Idea: Los Bárbaros and Laura Liz Gil Echenique
Creation: Rocío Bello, Laura Liz Gil Echenique, Javier Hernando, Miguel Rojo, Irene Ruiz and Miguel Ruz
On stage: Rocío Bello, Jesús Meneses and Irene Ruiz
Design and production of the beast: Cecilia Molano and Antònia Camia
Lighting: Miguel Ruz
Sound: Felipe Lara
Executive production: Jorge Rúa 
Produced by: Los Bárbaros
Coproduction: Naves del Matadero – International Living Arts Centre in association with Siemens Foundation
Thanks to: Karina Pino, Jorge Peralta, Joachim Gerstmeier, Sara Martín, Biblioteca Libertaria ABRA, Colectivo Guardabosques, Fundación Villalar – Castilla y León


30 November, 1 and 2 December


60 minutes
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

8 euros