Black Noise Performance
Vicente Colomar

The performer Vicente Colomar releases Black Noise, a choreographic and musical investigation of the construction of objects and their connections created during a residency at Naves Matadero.


Choreographer, director, actor, dancer, performer and playwright Vicente Colomar has presented his work at festivals like Be Birmingham, the Camping Festival (Paris) and the Escena Contemporánea Festival (Madrid). His latest creation, Black Noise, was developed as part of the Research Studios programme at the Performance Art Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in Belgium.

It’s a choreographic and musical investigation of the construction of objects and their connections, a work about form that makes use of chairs, tables, blankets and dancers.

“Chairs and tables, due to their architectural lines and dimensions. And blankets as blurrers, silencers and eliminators of form. Like an echo of the objects”, explains Colomar.

Black Noise functions as an installation and a performance. It’s a hypnotic show where the performative is produced through lapses. "We experiment with time: we expand it in the installation and we compress it in the performance", he says. Both creations focus on the area of friction where the outer membrane surrounds the object, that final limit where it fades. A confusing and noisy place. At what point does the object cease to be such and start to be something else, to establish other relationships and build itself into other objects? 

“All objects have the same form and the same size.
They all have the same materiality.
Hate is no less material than an apple. 
All objects are formed by objects.
Between one object and another there’s always another object.
All objects are the same object.
All objects are nothingness.
We are objects”. Vicente Colomar

Photo (c) Tine Declerk


Performers: Talia De Vries, Ricardo Santana, Susanna Hood, Vicente Colomar
Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini
Sound and music consulting: Erika Vega, Kaja Fradzky
Further development in Research Studios at P.A.R.T.S.: Tom Pauwels, Gabriel Schenker
Lighting and technical director: Luis Perdiguero
Sound director: Oscar G.Villegas
Idea and coreography: Vicente Colomar
Production: This project was developed as part of the Research Studiosperformance research project in collaboration with the MANANA, Contemporary Music of School of Arts, Ghent, with the support of the 2016 Full Scholarship for Further Studies from the SGAE Foundation, the IBERESCENA programme and the Departures and Arrivals DNA programme (P.A.R.T.S.), in collaboration with Coreógrafos en Comunidad (Choreographers in Community), Conde Duque Cultural Centre, Madrid.
Special thanks to: Hagit Mualem, Israel embassy


In collaboration with
1 and 2 December


Approximately 80 minutes
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

8 euros