Cinema series

In collaboration with Cineteca Madrid, Oscar Gómez Mata, director of L’Alakran, selects a number of feature films that have influenced him throughout his career.


The director will present each film himself.

15 May - PLATÓ ROOM, CINETECA MADRID – The Boss of it All (Direktøren for det hele/ Lars von Trier/ Denmark / 2006/ 99 minutes). 

16 May - PLATÓ ROOM, CINETECA MADRID – Opening Night (John Cassavetes/United States/1977/143 minutes)

17 May - PLATÓ ROOM, CINETECA MADRID – Lost Highway (David Lynch/United States/1997/134 minutes)


The L’Alakran Company, founded in Geneva by the Basque director, actor, author, and stage designer, Oscar Gómez Mata, arouses radical emotions on the stage, creating spectacles that are playful, philosophical and always poetic. The political context, understood as a critical attitude, is inherent in his artistic project; to ask himself about the relationship between the individual and the collective without wanting to come up with answers or to fix the word into an ideology Since its creation in 1997, this company has shaken and provoked the public in order to arouse it and to tear it away from the loop of routine.

With a creative and expressive stamp that is entirely their own, whoever sees L’Alakran for the first time will never forget the experience. Rejecting tradition focused on the primacy of text, the company makes the text its own in order to pass it through the filter of their sensibilities and the context in which they develop the performances, turning it into a springboard, as they do with the other forms of scenic expression. 

According to philosopher and theatre critic Bruno Tackels: “L’Alakran’s performances transcend the boundaries of theatre and turn it into a profoundly free space, in which everything is possible. The stage becomes a nursery where the diverse ways in which the contemporary world affect us are dissected. A laboratory of our small pathologies of everyday life. Such as the capitalism that has infiltrated our veins and is slowly but surely dehumanizing us. In search of the antidote, desperately. If you have a clue, write to L’Alakran”.

15 - 17 may



Free admission