Claudia Faci

The dancer, choreographer, actress, director, teacher, and independent author Claudia Faci is an essential verse in the world of contemporary performing arts in Spain.


Her pieces have received praise in the Autumn to Spring Festival, the Temporada Alta (High Season) Festival in Girona or the Contemporary Scene Festival in Madrid. Miquel Insua once said that “if Claudia Faci were active in Berlin, she would regularly be part of the schedule of the Schaubühne”. 

In the past decade she has maintained a fundamental dialogue for the development of her work with such creators as Jaime Conde-Salazar, Chantal Maillard, Fernando Renjifo, the MaDam and Terrorismo de Autor collectives and Oscar G. Villegas.

In this latter project, the body of the artist is deployed, and it becomes manifold. Claudia Faci becomes a plural. In addition to Oscar G. Villegas, the creative team includes Luciana Pereyra-Agof, Lucas Pablo Condró, Sandra Gómez, Ana Rovira, and Jaime Conde-Salazar. She takes inspiration from them and they give breath to a proposal in which, above and beyond the expertise which each one brings with them in their back pocket, there are no assigned roles that define the tasks in advance. Everyone, in turn, will open onto many others, they will embody other voices and invoke their others who, with us, will inhabit the scene.