Like a deaf dialogue: a film with holes?
Olga Mesa and Francisco Ruiz de Infante

In this highly performative and audiovisual encounter, Olga Mesa and Francisco Ruiz de Infante offer us a number of visions, interpretations, tensions and creative forms that emerge from within their global project CARMEN//SHAKESPEARE


What happens in 2019 in the tavern of the smugglers whom Carmen visits every night?
As always, in that lawless place, soldiers, gypsies and dealers will turn on their disembowelled machines to invent a party together.

The journey - at times dizzying - through images, sounds, objects, and bodies, will build a cautious entrance into the slippery slope that separates fact from fiction. Like a deaf dialogue (Como un diálogo de sordos) is the generic title that Mesa and Ruiz de Infante give their four-handed texts, their film montages and their performative conferences. In this time of very direct contact with the audience, Olga and Francisco treat themselves to an experiment with a light and specific staging designed for the occasion. “The crossing of references thanks to more or less orthodox forms of the conference performance art “genre”, allows the proposition of illustrated dialogues, of exquisite misunderstandings and the sparkling friction of languages”, they explain.


Choreographer and visual artist Olga Mesa (Avilés, 1962), based in France for more than a decade, is one of the key figures of contemporary dance in Spain. Her work, experimental in nature, falls within the limits of dance, performance art and visual art. In the 1990s, in her creative work as a choreographer and dancer, she opted for the camera and gave the image a central role in her work. Her work, represented in such important centres as the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris, France), the Théâtre de la Bastille (Paris, France), the Festival La Bâtie (Geneva, Switzerland) or the Festival Culturgest (Lisbon, Portugal), is a sensitive and poetic inquiry into the relationship between the body, the image and space.

In 2005 she set up her residence in Strasbourg where she met the Basque artist Francisco Ruiz de Infante (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1966) whose disturbing universe, created with fragile constructions, devices, tours of facilities, still images, films, sounds, drawings, texts, performance art pieces or shows, immerses the viewer in an intense physical and mental experience. Ruiz de Infante belongs to a generation of artists who have been influenced by the discovery of audiovisual technologies. His work has been exhibited in such places as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid), and the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao).

Mesa and Ruiz de Infante have been working together and promoting the company Hors Champ // Fuera de Campo since 2011. Through it, they deploy a universe in which their respective languages, concerns and experiences confront each other. They make use of technological audiovisual tools, the interfaces of common images of everyday life and they examine the relationship of humans with technology (akin to a relationship with a giant machine and a “connected” environment).

Together they create choreographic works for the stage, performative works for non-theatrical spaces, exhibitions and research sessions. Their project is fully cross-sectional and more than generating “artistic objects”, designed to be integrated into a cultural scene (often very subjected to regulations), they create unique artistic contexts, for all kinds of audiences, of variable duration, adaptable to any scenario, to expand the artistic practices and to think of them as territories for sharing.

15 February


Language: Spanish and French, with subtitles in Spanish

60 minutes
Nave 11. Sala Fernando Arrabal

Free admission