Dios tiene vagina (Part I Of Diptych for Identity)

Familiar with the most deep-set traditions of Andalusian society -the members of Vértebro have formed part of them since they were children- they undress, digest and deconstruct them on the stage to expose them, from a position of love and critical thinking, to a new gaze.


Through a dissident repertoire of their iconographic imaginary (which covers everything from Holy Week, the Feria de Abril (festival), Lola Flores, gastronomy, traditional dress, the Fandango Parao dance from Huelva to geraniums and the sordid universe of the Flamenco “tablaos”, among other landscapes of memory) this piece puts forward something akin to a tableau of the flesh permeated by various aspects of what they refer to as permeable identity . “It is an identity that never quite manages to define itself, one that is in permanent construction and evolution, that has no need of sempiternal totems. It is an identity that asks itself loving and caring questions. From this place, Dios tiene vagina (God has a Vagina) is a collective exercise to rethink a festivity stripped bare of established deities, that pays no tribute to any totem and that possesses the gift of reconstruction”, the collective sums up.


Together, Ángela López, Juan Diego Calzada and Nazario Díaz make up the Vértebro collective, one of the most essential companies on the contemporary national scene. Ever since the company was formed in 2007, the proposals they have created have been characterised by their own particular mixture of disciplines that stretch the Andalusian imaginary to its maximum extent. Their works have been presented in such famous international and national spaces as Reims Scènes d’Europe (France), the International Gathering of Living Arts in Tlalpan, (Mexico), Terrassa Noves Tendències, ALT Vigo or the SÂLMON< Festival in Barcelona, among others. The members of Vértebro live in Cordoba where they are the curators of Beautiful Movers, a miracle-encounter for the contemporary scene that has attracted creators such as Rodrigo García, Idoia Zabaleta, Societat Doctor Alonso, El Conde de Torrefiel, Patricia Caballero or Pilar Albarracín.

Beginning in 2013, and within the framework of their Diptych for Identityproject, they have carried out a series of works and actions around questions of identity that seek to put forward a context of thought and action that might shed light on permeable concepts about gender, faith, politics, and sexuality. With regard to Diptych for Identity​, the collective has this to say: “The idea that our identity is not something inherent, something that just happens to exist, rather something that is imagined, invented and represented, permeating two scenic devices that meet head on in this diptych. On the one hand, the piece Dios tiene vagina (God has a Vagina) is akin to a concert, ritual and folklore. On the other hand, Jura de bandera, the second and final part of this diptych, is fuelled by politics or activism”.

Diptych for Identity premièred in February 2019 at Reims Scenes d’Europe, in France. It is a co-production between TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències, Naves Matadero - International Living Arts Centre, Graner-Festival SÂLMON< in Barcelona, and Vértebro.

The schedule at Naves Matadero is as follows:

Friday 15th. Dios tiene vagina (part I). 8pm . 8 euros
Saturday 16th. Jura de bandera (part II). 8pm. 8 euros
Sunday 17th. Diptych for Identity (Parts I and II). 6pm. 15 euros


Creation: Ángela López, Nazario Díaz y Juan Diego Calzada
Performers: Ángela López, Juani González, Ana Godoy, Nazario Díaz Moreno, Nazario Díaz, Enrique Calzada and Juan Diego Calzada
Lighting: Ana Rovira
Sound: Óscar G. Villegas
Production: Vértebro
Co-production: TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències y Vértebro
With the collaboration of:
 Embrions, Escena Poblenou, G.R.U.A, TNT Terrassa Noves Tendencies (Barcelona), La Fragua/Artist Residency (Córdoba), L´Estruch. Fábrica de creació de les arts en viu (Barcelona), La Caldera, Centre de creació de dansa i arts escèniques (Barcelona), Graner, Centre de creació del cos i el moviment (Barcelona)
Released in autumn 2017 in Terrassa Noves Tendències
Language: Spanish

15 and 17 March

8:00pm (except for day 17, that  it´s presented both Part I and Part II Of Diptych for Identity at 6:00pm)

80 minutes + celebration post-vagina 45 minutes
Nave 11. Sala Fernando Arrabal

8 euros (15 euros: Part I an Part II Of Diptych for Identity)

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