Eclipse : Mundo
Paz Rojo

The dancer and choreographer Paz Rojo investigates the encounter between artistic practices, choreography and philosophy.


After several years working with other devices (video-essays, laboratories, research contexts and curatorship), Paz Rojo presents the dance creation ECLIPSE : MUNDO, an approach to dance and the performance device from the perspective of a destituent plane of perception. The adjective "destituent" is associated with abandonment, lack, crisis and the loss of meaning, but also to the possibility of contemplating what has not yet been produced. How to commit to what is not yet? What is the responsibility of art with respect to the creation of future? There is a curved aspect of materiality through which dance would not be obliged to pursue a future. Dance doesn't need to be a choreography, but something that may be created in the exact place where it already is.

"A hole opens in the space of the black box. A black hole . ECLIPSE: MUNDO puts into practice an "abandonment" (which is the etymological origin of the word “eclipse”). The idea is to set in movement a kinetics that lacks perspective as an experience of continuity: a choreography interrupted by its own preparation and simultaneously a dance becoming form. The possibility of contemplating a world in which everything continues to be, but in another way. The murmur of a continuous bass that undoes all intentionality by means of a distraction, a letting be lost. A dancing that although it does not mean anything, gets to do something", Paz Rojo.

About Paz Rojo

Paz Rojo is choreographer and dancer. She investigates the autonomy of dance within the frame of contemporary production value. Currently she is a phd candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm, Sweden with the project entitled "the decline of choreography and its movement: the subaltern pathway". A research with a broad trajectory and linked to various institutions, self-organized contexts, exhibition frameworks, educational programs and independent initiatives in Europe and Latin America that has had different artistic manifestations such the solo creation "whatever moving like this" (2011); the collective performance experiments "Inaugural Action" (2011), 'The Gerries by Gerry' (2012) or the video-essay "DANCISMO" (2014). Artistic director of the festival "What can a body do?" (La Casa Encendida, Madrid 2014-2015). She initiates and facilitates the collective research contexts: "ASSIM NÃO, PERO CÓMO?", (LOTE, Sao Paulo, 2017); "[CAMPO # 1] choreographing dissidence" (Teatro Pradillo, Madrid 2014); "What if we let go of being (artists)?" (La Casa Encendida, Madrid 2013); "A piece ... together?" (Barcelona, ​Sao Paulo, Vienna 2010-2011) and the itinerant laboratory "choreography: a problem to practice" (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sao Paulo, Vienna, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Brussels, Moscow, Stockholm and Mexico City 2011-2017).


Concept and direction: Paz Rojo
Dance: Oihana Altube, Arantxa Martínez, Jaime Llopis, Paz Rojo and Ricardo Santana
Sound space: Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca
Light design: Carlos Marquerie 
Costumes design: Jorge Dutor
Technical coordination and assistence: David Benito

Sound assistence: Adolfo García
Photography and trailer: Emilio Tomé
Production management: Lola Lizzi
With the support of: UNIARTS (Stockholm University of the Arts) Suecia and Naves Matadero – Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas


5, 6, 7 and 8 april


60 min approx.
Nave 11. Sala Fernando Arrabal

12 euros