Vic Snake

The painter and tattoo artist Vic Snake creates universes based on true or fictional stories. On this occasion he has created a mural painting in the hall of Nave 11 where he introduces the spectator into his world of fantasy. 


A participant in collective exhibitions in such international spaces as the Streaming Egos project that was presented in the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf, his art is inhabited by spaces and creatures, where form and nature converge to be distorted at leisure. His work speaks of what is out there but cannot be seen with the naked eye. It talks about identity and of all the identities we adopt so we can be who we are, and so we can be whoever we want to be. His interest in exploring the limits of contemporary creation has led him to participate in collective projects that combine different disciplines such as architecture, photography or drama.

Escamas is inspired by several stories, all of which are represented by a series of dreamlike creatures that are accompanied by an iconographic symbolism that the artist has created by adapting different beliefs, traditions, folklore and mysticism. “As in traditional Russian tattoos, the symbolism of the work would be akin to a person’s tattoos - only someone who knows how to decipher the language can know what they mean," says Vic Snake.

“At the Venice Biennial in 1988, the Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza explained that the object needs to be forgotten because it’s all about experimenting with people directly. And they must be provoked so they can wake up in a sensitive and intelligent way. According to Internet World Stats, on 31 December 2017, the number of internet users at a global level was 4,156,932,140.
Its use and that of social networks experiments with people, it brings them together and it separates them. But it also helps the individual to find themselves, it favours the ability to create the identity they are looking for, or a different one through which to express themselves. In a world where almost everything can be seen or is accessible, the deformation of reality and the individual provides a wide range of possibilities to create alternate worlds where we feel identified with some fictional characters (who are actually very real)”, Vic Snake.

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21 September - January

11, 12 and 13 December from 5 to 8pm

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Nave 11. Hall

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