The Filthiest Cabaret Alive

This new proposal for Café Naves Matadero is born from a reconfiguration of cabaret, taking its irreverent spirit and political character in relation to queer culture and turning it into a meeting place where the performers alter, question and sabotage their own identity, using their bodies as the only scenic space.


After a residency in which the collective [ the black dahlia ] gathers together under the direction of Marta Izquierdo, and in collaboration with artists of the stature of Germany’s Bridge Markland, they will create, according to this collective: “A Baroque image that brings the audience face to face with their socio-political convictions and frontiers, an open and radical challenge to the idea of beauty, sexuality and gender. It will take place in a relaxed environment, where the public will be introduced into a subversive ritual with a beer in their hand”.

Designed in collaboration with the artist Marta Izquierdo, this show is structured around a series of devices based on performance art pieces featuring gender, masquerade, punk and biopolitical technology. A dissident and brazen evening with the participation of different artists.

Marta Izquierdo is a choreographer and Spanish dancer in whose work we constantly find elements of popular culture. Androgyny, the exploration of social fringe areas, extremes, trance experimentation and improvisation have been constant in her creation ever since then.

[ the black dahlia ] is an artists' collective founded in 2015 by Javier Rojo and Bentor Albelo which constructs what they call a “scenic extravaganza” that conjugates popular culture and a performative execution with the intention of tuning into the political-social context of our time.

Bridge Markland resolutely embraces transgression, brazenness, eroticism, humour and ambiguity. This German actress and singer lays bare the worlds of each gender on the stage and questions them provocatively.

28, 29 and 30 June


100 minutes approx.

5 euros

Recommended for people aged 16 or over