International Festival of Words, Action and Sound

For the second consecutive year, Naves Matadero organised FLIPAS, International Festival of Words, Action and Sound that understands urban cultures as a cultural phenomenon and as a tool for expressing and transforming social reality.



From 31 October to 23 November, workshops, conferences, concerts, exhibitions and cine series.


Words will be the fundamental axis of the Spoken Word workshops. By intertwining them with other artistic practices, they can be expressed and transmitted in many different ways, surviving any cultural regime, political limit or social pattern.

Poets such as Ken Yamamoto, from Germany, and Deinos MC, from France, will impart Spoken Word workshops with teenagers from different associations and collectives in their headquarters and in Madrid Enredaderos spaces.

There will also be movement workshops, given by various artists such as Amala Dianor from France, and plastic expression workshops led by graffiti artist Kouka Ntadi.

In addition, as was the case last year, hip hop dancers will enjoy a residency with young people from the Madrid scene. And in this edition we will have the participation of La Corporación Jóvenes Creadores del Chocó, a non-profit and cultural organisation that has turned theatre, traditional dance and urban dance into a space for meeting, reflection, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence for more than 400 children and adolescents in vulnerable situations in Colombia.

De la Calle a la Academia (From The Street To The Academy) (New York – Berlin – Madrid)

This artistic and pedagogical project developed by Víctor Pajares and Alberto Giraldo was conceived to revitalise, from a physical and spiritual point of view, the legacy of the original breaking that was created in New York in the 1970s. By the 1990s it was a genre on the decline, but then Niels Robitzky (better known as Bboy "Storm") arrived in the United States from Germany intent on regenerating it. Robitzky managed to recover the essence of that New York scene and took it back with him to Berlin. “Through a pedagogical and artistic project with dancers, we want to demonstrate how important this primal language is, so that it doesn’t lose its way by turning into a mere exhibition of physical and athletic skills. We believe that it is interesting and necessary that future generations should continue to carry the torch just as Niels Robitzky did in Germany and just as we’re currently trying to do from here in Madrid”, Pajares and Giraldo explain.

11 October - 25 November

To be confirmed