Gatillo de la Felicidad
Ana Borralho and João Galante

Ana Borralho and João Galante will stir people’s consciences by inviting a group of young people (not professional actors) to review contemporary society from the perspective of their age group. 


Ana Borralho and João Galante have been working together since 2002 under the firm conviction that art is part and parcel of society, its changes and problems. “That’s why it has to be active and transformative and it has to communicate directly with people”, they explain. Their works have earned unanimous accolades in international festivals in France, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and many other countries.

If their project Atlas Madrid (which they presented in Naves Matadero in April 2017) tore Madrid's society apart through the brief testimony of 100 inhabitants of the city, then with Gatillo de la Felicidad (Trigger of Happiness) they will stir people’s consciences once again. On this occasion, they have invited a group of young people (not professional actors) to review contemporary society from the perspective of their age group. In this way, artists Ana Borralho and João Galante continue their research process with the aim of exploring artistic and social space.

With a series of questions on happiness and at a time of political and social changes (which are imposing real changes), this cast, for whom the future is something blurred, take to the stage to create Gatillo de la Felicidad: a reflection and contemplation on the transformations of today’s society, the dreams, hopes, and expectations of these young adults.

“We learn to take risks when we are teenagers. They say that 1 out of every 3 teenagers suffers from depression at some time or other. It is easier to define addiction than to define happiness. A compulsive behaviour (sex, food, gambling, self-mutilation) can produce the same feeling of happiness as drugs. And as happens with most drugs, as time goes by, we need more and more of them to keep up the rush and adrenaline of happiness. As artists we believe that happiness can emerge from discomfort and risk. Risk and discomfort contribute to self-growth, learning, and long-term happiness. We believe that happiness is not only doing whatever we want, it also requires us to grow and to venture beyond the confines of our comfort zone.
When we are children, they teach us how to fit into society. When we are teenagers, we seek an identity separate from that of our parents. Later, as adults, we search endlessly for our lost innocence. In Gatillo de la Felicidad we want to reflect on how to grow and how to be, on the possibility of finding ourselves without losing ourselves. Our intention is to document the entire process through all its different stages, in order to create a parallel art object: a documentary film that will show the artistic process geared to the creative and thematic responses of young adults”, they explain 

A deadly game in search of happiness.
Gambling as a source of discourse.
Partying and gambling as catalysts of joy, misery, intimacy, and escaping from loneliness.
As a game of realities between sadness and joy.
What was the happiest moment of your life?
What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What makes you feel really small?
Would you prefer one week without the internet, 4G, your smartphone, your computer, or one year without sex and masturbation?
What is blocking my entry into the world?
Is it possible to love someone too much?
Why don’t you commit suicide today?
Do you feel happy when you wake up in the morning? Why can't you leave me alone?
Do you see what I see?
Are we doomed to repeat our parents' behaviour?

Borralho and Galante are co-founders of the band of non-musicians Jimmie Durham, of the casaBranca Cultural Association and artistic directors of the live art festival Verão Azul (Portugal). They also curated the electronic music festival Electrolegos (Portugal). They currently live and work in Lisbon and Lagos (Portugal).


Idea and artistic direction: Ana Borralho and João Galante
Lightning: Thomas Walgrave
Sound: Coolgate, Pedro Augusto
Dramaturgy: Fernando J. Ribeiro
Artistic assistance: Antonia Buresi, André Uerba and Catarina Gonçalves
Performers: 12 young people of Madrid (Iris García, Maryuri Balladares Ashqui, Lorena Sierra XV, Álvaro Gómez Wonka, Estíbaliz Racionero Balsera, Nerea Cortés, Alberto García Aznar, Clara Ochoa, Daniel López, Paul Fernández, Daniel Tacuri Rosas y Guille Sevillano)
Production Manager: Mónica Samões
Production and tour: Andrea Sozzi
Executive production: Joana Duarte

Production: casaBranca
Co-production: Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, (Lisboa, Portugal), Jonk - ny internationell scenkonst för unga (Jönköping, Sweden), Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil – Centre Dramatique National (France), Le phénix - scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création(France) Le Boulon Centre National des Arts de la Rue de Vieux-Condé (France)
With the support of: Câmara Municipal de Lagos, Espaço Alkantara, LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, SIN Arts and Culture Centre (Budapest), Companhia Olga Roriz
casaBranca is supported by República Portuguesa - Cultura / DGArtes

8, 9 and 10 March


90 minutes
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

8 euros