Home is the Cathedral of Life
Cristina Rodrigues

Cristina Rodrigues is one of the most important Portuguese plastic artists of her generation. Her work is governed by a simple aesthetic that floats between social ethnography, anthropology and sustainability.


She painstakingly elaborates each of her pieces and as a result she obtains sculptural relics that show the path her own work has taken and the artistic identity of obsolete objects. She masterfully combines virtuosity with the commonplace and her installations are as universal in their meaning as they are local in their inspiration.

Her new exhibition Home is the Cathedral of Life is composed of a documentary made with interviews with migrants who have come from Portugal, Romania, Hungary, China, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic to live in the city of Madrid, and an art installation made using objects compiled by Rodrigues with the emotional landscapes of the migrants. Most of them have participated thanks to the collaboration of the Immigrants’ Participation and Integration Centres, CEPI Arganzuela. “The stories portrayed in this documentary and installation show some of the most beautiful human strengths: hope, resistance and love. Each person we interviewed describes their reasons for migrating, the difficulties they faced when they arrived in Madrid and how they overcame all their challenges. These moving journeys of life are a great testimony to human strength. This film describes how this group of migrants perceives Madrid at a time when many of Spain's younger generations are deciding to move to another country”, the artist explains. We live in a rapidly changing society, and migratory movements are accelerating due to political, social and economic causes. With this exhibition, Cristina Rodrigues seeks to present an important testimony to the spirit of contemporary society.

4 October - 1 November

Fridays from 5 to 8pm

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from noon to 8pm

Nave 11. Sala Fernando Arrabal

Free entrance