I love Madrid
José Ramón Hernández Suárez

I Love Cities (2015 - 2019) is a scenic series created by Cuban actor and theatre director José Ramón Hernández Suárez. In it, he proposes an experience, a journey through a city or community based on the life histories of its migrantsI love Madrid is the sixth episode.


A subversive practice of affection and a gaze that casts irony on the tourist’s relationship with that which is visible in or representative of cities. In the words of the creator: “I Love Cities is an act of excavation that brings other narratives, subjectivities, bodies and voices to the surface. Migrant women, elderly women, female workers from an old sugar mill, political refugees, domestic workers, ex-prisoners, community leaders, rural migrants, the LGBTIQ community, religious practitioners, Latin women in New York, Haitian women in Montreal, Chilean and Cuban women in Berlin, migrant women from the eastern provinces of Cuba in Australia (the province of Matanzas, Cuba) and Havana.         

I Love Madrid is the sixth episode after I Love New York (2016), I Love Australia, (2018), I Love Montreal (2018), I Love Berlin (2019) and I Love Havana (2019).

Each episode of the series generates its own working strategy and format of presentation, which stem from a unique process of research and creation. In this way, each episode rewrites and affects the very conceptualisation of the series. Creative workshops with migrants, in-depth interviews, artistic residencies, drifts through cities or communities, interviews with specialists (historians, sociologists, architects), the consultation of municipal historical archives or academic research on immigration in the different cities, statistical data, listening to and surveying physical spaces, coexistences... have constituted the starting points and the diverse tools used to shape each episode and, at the same time, the doors of discovery of its protagonists. Always non-professional actors or experts in life.

José Ramón Hernández Suárez coordinates the experimental stage platform Osikan, a stage research project in which artists investigate issues of Cuban society today and discuss the power of contemporary theatre to intervene in social processes by adopting sensitive strategies.

In this episode, I love Madrid, the film production company KOTTOMfilms, creator of such experimental films Malditos (The Damned) or Auspìcio (Auspices) joins the creative process.

13 - 17 December

to be confirmed

Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

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