La realidad
Darío Facal

When the doors open and the audience enters the space of La realidad, they are entering the space of a fragmented story. La realidad is composed of hundreds of segments: photographs, sensory experiences, augmented reality or direct encounters with the actors.


The time a spectator can spend in the installation is limited, so he or she has to decide which part of the story they want to experience and discover. La realidad is an installation, full of stories within a story, ramifications, perspectives... a scenic event in which everyone will have to face the enormity of an unfathomable story that is bifurcated to the point of exhaustion.

Author and director Darío Facal is the Artistic Director of the Corral de Comedias Theatre in Alcalá de Henares, the Clásicos Festival in Alcalá, and the school Work in Progress. Author and director of more than forty plays that have been performed in some of the most important classical and contemporary theatre festivals, he has developed his theatrical and pedagogical work in different countries. In his latest creation, La realidad, he wanted the factual to coexist with the fictitious, what has happened with what is imagined.

La realidad encompasses everything, the installation, the performance art piece, the narrative and the poetic... a family evicted from their home, a murder, the deep web, neuroscience, a philologist writes a thesis on the Dark Night of the Soul of St. John of the Cross, terrorism, a girl dies and is insulted in an internet forum, money, the cybereconomy, virtual reality, post-truth, a sunset in front of the sea, food, the Codex Gigas, and conspiracy theories... Each spectator will make their journey completely alone, meeting the actors face to face, listening to the stories and testimonies, observing the images and experiencing all the sensations and emotions that make up La realidad”, Darío Facal explains.

20, 21 and 22 March


Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

To be confirmed