Le Scorpion by Martin Matalon. Exegesis musical of 'L’ âge d’or' (1930) de Luis Buñuel
NEOPERCUSIÓN. Direction Juanjo Guillem

What would a film with a script by Dalí and directed by Buñuel be like if it were reinterpreted musically today? Le Scorpion is a musical composition that was created in 2002 by Buenos Aires-born Martin Matalon ad hoc for the film L’ âge d’or for six percussionists, piano and electronic music.


This work, which premièred at the Festival of Music in Strasbourg and is interpreted by NEOPERCUSIÓN, combines acoustic sonority with electronics through a timbral and textural work. The poetic, absurd, erotic, visionary and scandalous film L’ âge d’or, with a script by Buñuel and Dalí, is still provocative today, more than 70 years after its creation. And accompanied by live music, the public is guaranteed a premium sensory experience.

For the last 25 years, NEOPERCUSIÓN has been a constant presence at and on the most important festivals, concert cycles and stages both inside and outside Spain. Since its foundation in 1994, it has tackled a wide repertoire that includes music of different styles: contemporary, intuitive, performance art, contemporary musical theatre, classical, opera, free improvisation, ethnic, experimental electronics, fusion, jazz, cinema and live music, etc. And ever since 2008, it has been the resident group of the Chamberí district, where it organises the music festivals KONEKT@rte Sonoro and Ritmo Vital.

The versatility and high artistic quality of their presentations, not to mention their interest in creating innovative programmes, has earned them the admiration of specialised critics. Aware that, as director Juanjo Guillem states, “we are what we play”, NEOPERCUSIÓN commissions and presents world and Spanish premières of a large number of pieces from some of the most important authors of our time, as well as from young composers, disseminating the expression of the present day through current sounds and musical thought.


Artistic and executive direction: Juanjo Guillem and Rafa Gálvez
Production and new media: Iván Ferrer






28 and 29 February


60 minutes
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

12 euros