Madrugá (Cycle of pilgrimages #5)

Madrugá is a performative pilgrimage by Vértebro that will take place the night of 30 june in Nave 11.


Ángela López, Juan Diego Calzada, and Nazario Díaz are the members of this group. They live in Cordoba where they are curators of Beautiful Movers, an encounter for the contemporary scene that has attracted creators such as Rodrigo García, Patricia Caballero or Pilar Albarracín. Ever since 2007, they have generated their polyhedral proposals, characterised by a particular mixture of disciplines which confers a permeable identity on them. And since 2013, within the Diptych for Identity project, they have been carrying out a series of pieces and actions based on identity issues called Cycle pilgrimages: Sunflower seeds, jAMBOREE, Proclamation, Chore and Madrugá.

“When they asked us to intervene in Cirugeda’s construction we thought of jAMBOREE, a pilgrimage that was a transition to the rural atmospheres of the mountains to the north of Cordoba. A performative pilgrimage that included three specific sessions of dance music and other sound documents, and touched on identity concepts related to the tribe, gender, faith or sexuality. But a slaughterhouse (el Matadero) is not the countryside, it’s not nature, it makes no sense to repeat that experience here. What interests us is the exercise of translation based on that context designed to be lived from the crowd, from the feeling of exaltation of the spirit in a community That is how we imagine Madrugá, our pilgrimage number five: twelve hours of community performativity, a site-specific context that is mutable, transitable, contemplable, a landscape for dissidence, a temporary paradise where we can gather all our totems together and exploit them”.


Creation: Ángela López, Nazario Díaz, Juan Diego Calzada
Speakers: Akai Baena, Jesús Barranco, Gabriela Wiener
With the collaboration of: Recetas Urbanas (Santiago Cirugeda, Nieves Frías, Alma Villanueva), Óscar Cornago, Red de Mujeres Feministas por la Equidad de Género en el Desarrollo and Agrupación Musical Humildad y Fe de Alcalá de Henares
Night lighting: Benito Jiménez
Day lighting: Ana Rovira
Sound space: Óscar G. Villegas
Audiovisuals: Los Voluble
Production: Naves Matadero and Vértebro
Madrugá is a pilgrimage by Vértebro within the project Diptych for Identity.

29 - 30 june

From 11:30pm to 12pm

Nave 11. Sala Fernando Arrabal

8 euros