More than this

This is a cooperative project between six festivals and cultural organisations in the European Union (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Estonia).


More Than This has the collaboration of five partners from Palestine, Belgium, Spain and France, involving L'Officina - Festival Dansem and Festival Parallèle – Productions Parallèle from Marseille, Materiais Diversos from Lisbon, Short Theatre from Roma, Kanuti Gildi SAAL Biennale from Tallinn, the Gestus Association, Naves Matadero – International Living Arts Centre and the University Carlos III in Madrid, the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, Aleppo from Brussels and the Camargo Foundation from Cassis.

Each partner has selected an artist (Radouan Mriziga - Morocco, Maud Blandel - Switzerland, Strasse - Italy, Karl Saks - Estonia, Teresa Silva - Portugal, Quim Bigas – Spain and Farah Saleh - Palestine) offering them the opportunity to expand their artistic practice through an exchange and dialogue with other international cultural realities.

more than this  Creative Europe Programme