Is reading sexy?
Feminismo Pop

Can you imagine Britney Spears speaking as if she was Virginia Woolf in A Room of One's Own, Miley Cyrus as Virginie Despentes in King Kong Theory or David Beckham as Michel Foucault in Sex, Power and the Politics of Identity?


That’s just what Cris Celada and Tomas Castro thought. They combined feminist and gender identity ideology with the culture of entertainment and created Is Reading Sexy?. 

In Is Reading Sexy?, using dubbing, Tomás Castro and Cris Celada (Feminismo POP), try to de-contextualize pre-existing cultural products and generate proposals to play with all possible formats: audiovisual, theatre, graphic, or even participatory workshops. “We resorted to very diverse ingredients: reference works for feminist or gender theory, mixed with rap, cinema, poetry, pop music, video clips, TV programmes, etc", they explain.

They will be showcasing two video installations in Naves Matadero:

- Is Reading Sexy? A selection of their videos on YouTube where they remix philosophical texts with pop stars to address existential questions

- Result of the workshopsA making-of of the work carried out by Cris Celada and Tomas Castro with the participation and collaboration of Departamento de Servicios Sociales de Arganzuela and different groups and collectives from Madrid, consisting of the adaptation of texts of critical thinking, video recordings and their dubbing.


Creation and workshop assistance: Tomás Castro and Cris Celada for Is Reading Sexy?
Transcriptions and dubbing: Tomás Castro and Cris Celada for Is Reading Sexy?
Sound technician: Juan Mejías / Alejandro Castro
Graphic design and Web: Aroa Gallego
Coproduction: Graner, Fábrica de Creación  / festival Sâlmon – Barcelona
With the support of: La Poderosa (Barcelona) and Naves Matadero – International Living Arts Centre (Madrid)
With the collaboration of: La Casa Encendida
With the participation and collaboration of: Departamento de Servicios Sociales de Arganzuela


24 November - 2 December

Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 9:30pm

Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 9:30pm

Information Point Matadero

Free admission

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