She´s mine
Marta Izquierdo Muñoz / [lodudo] producción

Praised by critics, Marta Izquierdo Muñoz shows this work that explores the social fringe areas.


She's mine was the first choreographic piece that Marta Izquierdo premiered with her own company. And she did so at the Avignon Festival in 2008, where she won the smiles of her audience and received great reviews. “With a trash and delirious spirit, like what we find in the work of Almodóvar, Marta Izquierdo Muñoz plays at being a star with irresistible irony and poise”, was what Jean-Marie Wynants had to say about She's mine in Le Soir.

Influenced by the spirit of Madrid’s Movida movement, finding pleasure in games and bad taste, Marta Izquierdo Muñoz shows the cracks, weaknesses and ambiguities that human beings tend to hide. Constantly present on stage, she alludes to prefabricated, ephemeral and disposable pop stars who seem to say: “I would like to excite the whole world just for an instant”. For this show, she surrounded herself by such artistic advisers as the choreographers Mark Tompkins and Frans Poelstra.

According to Marta, “the play breathes around a character named Divine who, just like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, is constantly changing. “The Divine” was the nickname given to Sarah Bernhardt. Divine may also be, perhaps, a character in a novel by Jean Genet or in an Almodóvar film, an Andy Warhol superstar, or an American transvestite in the eighties or an ephemeral reality show celebrity. All these ‘divine ones’ coexist and dialogue together”.


Almost all the information and reviews you can find on the Internet about the work of Spanish choreographer and dancer Marta Izquierdo are in French. It’s no wonder. Although she was born in Madrid, and even though her first performances ranged between dancing in nightclubs in Madrid, on Spanish Television and in contemporary companies, in 2001 she moved to France to enter the Choreographic Centre of Rennes and Brittany. Since 2007 she has directed her own projects in the [lodudo]producción Company, and she has premiered She’s Mine at the Avignon Festival to critical acclaim, and Walking on Thin Ice at the Mettre en Scène Festival.

Pop culture, androgyny, the exploration of social fringe areas, extremes, trance experimentation and improvisation have been constant in her creation ever since then. Her vital research process led her to obtain the Culturesfrance Hors les Murs scholarship in Japan, where she created Red (Rojo) with Norico Sunayama. She then returned to France, where she has continued to premiere the rest of her work. She also gives regular creative workshops in universities and art schools, aimed at professional dancers and other audiences, such as very elderly people, children or teenagers. 


Creation and performance: Marta Izquierdo
Artistic accompaniment: Mark tompkins and Frans Poelstra
Sound: Nicolas Cadet
Artistic collaboration: Mark Tompkins, Frans Poelstra and Samuel Pajand
Music: The Psycho Sons (Boulez Republic, Nicolas Cadet, Manuel Coursin, Samuel Pajand)
Thanks to: Jean-Louis Badet, Dorothée Munyaneza and Jaime Izquierdo
Coproduction: SACD, Festival de Aviñón (Sujet à Vif) and [lodudo] producción.
With the support of: La Malterie – Lille, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, La Générale – Sèvres, Le Centre National de la Danse – Pantin, Theater Combinat - Vienna and the Astrakan company
Language: Spanish

12 and 13 December


30 minutes followed by a get-together with the audience
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

12 euros

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