The snail´s strategy
Los Bárbaros

Los Bárbaros is a collaborative project featuring artists from every discipline, which aims to create a corpus of work that crosses boundaries and where the same issue is addressed from different perspectives and in different ways: performance art, installations, books, photography…


Their work addresses concepts that have to do with identity, power, and community. It flows from the everyday to the unexpected and poetic, focusing on honesty and trying to create spaces for dialogue and questioning. Directed by Javier Hernando and Miguel Rojo, it fluctuates between theatrical space and that of a museum. It has produced works both in Spain (in the CA2M, La Casa Encendida or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, among others) and abroad (England, France, and Portugal). Over the years it has followed three lines of production: theatrical works, participative workshop-pieces activated by the spectator, and unique one-off pieces.

“La estrategia del caracol (The snail´s strategy) is a Colombian film from 1993. In it, the residents of one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Bogota unite to prevent the demolition of the building they live in, which belongs to an unscrupulous millionaire. Although their struggle against speculation and corruption seems over before it has begun, together they manage to get a plan devised by an old anarchist underway and they manage to save their home. Our “Estrategia del caracol” has been conceived to accompany the Habitar el Aire project and it may well become our place of resistance. It will take shape thanks to working sessions with adolescents. In addition to the workshop we will start a book club that will meet to talk about books and houses, within the house under construction in the theatre”, los Bárbaros explain to us.


Idea: Javier Hernando and Miguel Rojo
Creation: Los Bárbaros together with the teenagers who participate in the workshop-piece
Production: Los Bárbaros in collaboration with Naves Matadero

8 - 30 june
Nave 11. Sala Fernando Arrabal