Some Things, from Somewhere
Cai Tomos + Debajo del Sombrero

Some things, from somewhere, a project by Cai Tomos in collaboration with Debajo del Sombrero, shows how the potential of dance and the body in movement as a means of communication is open to all human beings.


Debajo Del Sombrero is a platform for the creation, research, production and dissemination of art where its main protagonists are people with intellectual disabilities. Their workshops are developed in spaces that enable learning and dialogue with other artists, as well as the realization of both individual and collective projects.

Cai Tomos is a Welsh dance artist whose work revolves around finding ways in which to explore the stories of the body. His practice has emerged from a broad understanding of ‘listening’ as central to his investigations with others. This methodology has been central to the success of a variety of international projects with diverse groups of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

SOME THINGS, FROM SOMEWHERE began in March 2017 as a meeting point between Cai and six of the artists from Debajo Del Sombrero. The invitation from Cai was to base their shared creative research on the body, its movement and its expression. Working together for one week at a time in Naves Matadero, Cai and the artists have embarked on a fascinating and richly rewarding creative journey which highlights the relationship between time, honesty and the necessity of waiting.

The journey has been continuously documented through videos, photos, audio recordings, objects and written chronicles which have inspired this installation (created in collaboration with John Collingswood) and publication (created with Caniche Editorial)

Andrés Fernández’s work comprises a large cartographic system of maps, texts, lists and enumerations that unfurl episodes from his being and his life. Belén Sánchez makes films as spaces of lived action. Luisma Herrero cut giant trunks for months until make them disappear. Besides, his connection with water turns this element into an ancestral choreographer. Mario Batanero explores movements he finds when he “disguises himself” as Garnet, the cartoon character. Itziar Martín’s improvisations focus on the female body and its gestures. And Alberto de Torres investigates the qualitative aspects of slow movements and acts of meditation; he plays with undressing, revealing oneself and paying attention to the small details of precision that lie hidden in everyday acts.


Concept and creation: Cai Tomos
Artists: Alberto de Torres,  Andrés Fernández,  Belén Sánchez,  Itziar Martín, Luis María Herrero and Mario Batanero 

Debajo del Sombrero Team
Direction: Lola Barrera
Coordination: Marisol Álvarez
Artistic direction: Luis Sáez

Installation: John Collingswood
Publication: Caniche Editorial
Photo: Ximena Garrigues and Sergio Moya

Contribution: Antonio Tomás, Lilli Hartman, Meilyr Tomos and Tsuna Commander

From 22 march to 1 april

Tuesday to Friday from 5 to 8pm

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from noon to 8pm

Nave 10. Sala de Madera

Free admission