Sound explosion

A show filled with break dance, hip-hop, rap and lyrics.


National and international artists who have conducted workshops and residencies on urban culture throughout the month, together with others whose artistic research involves words and sound, will create a unique show filled with break dance, hip-hop, rap, lyrics and music. 

FromScratch, represented by Eazy Essid, Nabil El Khayer, together with Jessy James and Deinos MC and everyone who has participated in the residency workshops.

Multi-instrumentalist, video maker and performer Ojoúltimo will perform some of his recent pieces.

The spoken word artists Ken Yamamoto, Keith Jarrett and Denios will demonstrate why they are the best in the world, together with the participants in the workshops that they have given.

Marcos García Barrero and Chefa Alonso with their show One two, Star (Uno dos, Estrella), will perform a rousing improvisation piece with a gallery of characters, their corresponding sound universe, and their ghostly cabaret atmosphere.

These artists will be joined by others who have yet to be confirmed, to bring about this sound explosion.

This activity is part of:

URBAN CULTURE LAB BERLIN - PARIS - MADRID, toward other ways of expressing social realities through artistic creation.

This project understands hip hop as a cultural phenomenon and as a tool for expressing and transforming social reality. Taking its inspiration from rap (word) and breakdance (dance), it has been set up to give voice to those who have no voice and to strengthen the members of this movement through creativity and artistic creation.

In countries such as France and Germany, hip hop is the most widespread culture, and it reaches an audience that does not normally frequent cultural centres.

The aim of this project is to learn from each other's experiences, to be inspired by them, and to exchange and adapt new models at a local level. As a collaborative practice and as a vehicle for the revitalization of unattended areas, hip hop opens up a world of possibilities and makes it possible to reconnect different agents in cultural spaces.

The first objective of this project is to promote urban cultures as an artistic expression in Spain, and to create awareness of the potential of its integration. But it also seeks to promote a dialogue on the role of culture as a vehicle for integration and social cohesion, and as a manifestation of diversity between France, Germany and Spain. The objective is to change the pattern of traditional cultural communication in Spain: institution (sender) - artistic or heritage message - audience (receiver), and to make known the new French-German cultural approach, which is more about integrating a social function and retrieving the concept of public cultural spaces as living spaces. 

The project consists of several key pieces (residency, workshops, and a final presentation including professional meetings) which as a whole are designed to reach as wide an audience as possible, and to establish long-lasting networks, both artistic and institutional.


Alianza francesa Goethe     Naves Matadero 

With the support of:

 Kultur Fonds Embajada República Federal Alemania Instituto Francés 

With the collaboration of:



contigo France Bodegas Licinia 

Associated media:

tv5 monde  Metropoli  Guía del Ocio

23 November


2 hours
Nave 11. Sala Fernando Arrabal

8 euros