Thus spoke Zarathustra
Circo Interior Bruto

In 1999, twelve artists gathered together under the name Circo Interior Bruto in a self-managed space in Lavapiés to devote themselves body and soul to multi-directional, independent and autonomous creative research within the field of performance art, experimental theatre, polypoetry, happenings, and action art.


The artists were Jesús Acevedo, Belén Cueto, Marta de Gonzalo, Rafael Lamata, Luis Naranjo, Eduardo Navarro, Kamen Nedev, Publio Pérez Prieto, Teresa del Pozo, Rafael Suárez, Jaime Vallaure, and François Winberg and they started off with a collective project entitled The Creation of the World in 11 Shows, which was intended to be unfurled over a year.

The first thing they thought was: “We may well put on a show and there’ ll be more of us on stage than in the audience”. But no. People were left outside the venue and soon everybody was talking about their performances. What was happening there had never happened before. They were pure avant-garde.

The collective had a horizontal structure in which everybody did everything. It remained active until 2005. They put on lots of activities both in their own space and elsewhere, and they showcased their unclassifiable proposals in Escena Contemporánea, CCCB de Barcelona or in La Casa Encendida. In 2005, they all decided to go their own way and Rafael Suárez and Jaime Vallaure founded Los Torreznos. In 2014, the Reina Sofia Museum invited them to talk about CIB. What they actually did was summon their public to update the CIB experience from the personal memory of the audiences that had seen their shows, through their sensations, experiences and memories. “The CIB was a place of personal, creative and political dissent, a network of affection that existed around a fiction that was sustained purely by our desire to do and to experiment, to reinvent ourselves as social beings and to change our relationship with the world”, they tell us today.

In 2018, they got back together to adapt and stage Aeschylus’ work Prometheus Bound at the Pradillo Theatre. 20 years have gone by since the collective was first created and they have reunited to work on a version of Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche.


Circo Interior Bruto is conformed currently by Jesús Acevedo, Belén Cueto, Marta de Gonzalo, Rafael Lamata, Publio Pérez, Rafael Suárez, Jaime Vallaure and Fran Winberg
Language: Spanish

14, 15 and 16 June


90 minutes
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

12 euros