Tierras del Sud
A documentary piece by Azkona Toloza

Tierras del Sud is the second part of the documentary stage trilogy PACIFIC, by Txalo Toloza-Fernández and Laida Azkona Goñi. It focuses on the close relationship between the great foreign fortunes and the atrocities committed on the original peoples of Latin America, the development of new types of colonialism and the myriad expressions of contemporary culture.


What links Italian textile industrial Luciano Benetton to the current President of Argentina Mauricio Macri? And Macri to the famous American gunmen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? And Ted Turner, owner of CNN, to the small Mapuche clan of the Curiñanco? And the English Crown to Sylvester Stallone? The not so evident and barely ever told answer to all the above questions can be found here. Thousands of miles from the United States, Italy, England or Spain. Here, in the south of the south, in the southern limits of America, in the area known as the Argentinian Patagonia”,

Azkona and Toloza

As part of their process of research and creation, Toloza and Azkona moved to Patagonia to get closer to the Mapuche landscape, territory and cosmogony, paying special attention to their ancestral music and dances, detailing the relationship between these people and their land, and the evolution of their conflict with the great fortunes that define the territory. “We created Lands of the South as a documentary piece, framed within the living and expanded arts. Our idea is to recover dance, performance art and movement as valid tools with which to deliver documentary information, endowing the historical account with all the strength and poetic load of the bodies on the stage, using their ways of working as a potential way of organising all the different angles of an investigation as complex as this”, they explain.

Txalo Toloza is a video artist, performer, stage director and cultural agitator, specializing in audiovisual creation aimed at the living arts, at working with mobile devices applied to video creation and the creation of documentary and immersive scenic devices. His work has been presented in various festivals and galleries in Spain, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, China, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Brazil and Argentina among others. In turn, the dancer and choreographer Laida Azkona Goñi has collaborated with companies from Oslo, Berlin and New York, and she directs her own scenic projects with a special interest in movement.


Dramaturgy: Txalo Toloza-Fernández
Choreography: Laida Azkona Goñi
Performers: Laida Azkona Goñi and Txalo Toloza Fernández 

Voices: Sergio Alessandria, Agustina Basso, Conrado Parodi, Gerardo Ghioldi, Daniel Osovnikar, Sebastián Seifert, Rosalía Zanón and Marcela Imazio
Director assistant: Raquel Cors
Original soundtrack and sound design: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra
Space design: AzkonaToloza and Juliana Acevedo
Audiovisuals: MiPrimerDrop
Lighting design: Ana Rovira
Spatial design: Juliana Acevedo and MiPrimerDrop
Construction: Lola Belles, Mariona Signes and RotorFab-Espai Erre
Styling: Sara Espinosa
Coordinator of the research process: Leonardo Gamboa Caneo
Music selection: Marcelo Pellejero
Production design: Elclimamola
Photography: Alessia Bombaci
With the collaboration of Sònia Gómez, Maite Garvayo, Ángela Fernández, Fernando Sánchez y Orlando and Jaime Carriqueo
Language: Spanish
Tierras del Sud is a co-production between Antic Teatre and Festival TNT de Terrassa. With the support of Gobierno de Navarra and Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Iberescena programme. With the collaboration of Innova Cultural promoted by Fundación Bancaria Caja Navarra and Obra Social “la Caixa”, Teatro Gayarre, El Graner – Mercat de les Flors, La Caldera, Azala Espazioa, Instituto Patagónico de las Artes, L’Estruch de Sabadell and Biblioteca Popular Osvaldo Bayer de Villa La Angostura

1, 2 and 3 February


90 minutes
Nave 10. Sala Max Aub

12 euros