Workshop - Bodies in the action space
Taught by José Luis Raymond

This course relates to the body, with its dimensions in space and the performative elements that appear therein.


Raymond has been a tenured professor of Stage Space at RESAD, the Royal School for Dramatic Arts, since 1990, and was the National Scenography Curator for the 2015 Prague Quadrennial. After graduating in the Basque Country with a degree in Fine Arts, he completed postgraduate studies in Sculpture and Stage Space in Warsaw and Amsterdam, as well as a Master of Research and Creation in the Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid.

As a theatre researcher and visual artist he has held both solo and group exhibitions, and his work features in private collections as well as at museums in Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain. In addition to his work as a scenographer, he has worked for national and international contemporary authors, the National Drama Centre (CDN) and the National Classical Theatre Company (CNTC), among others. He combines his[A1] work with education, giving courses on Acting, Body and Object in Space and Visual Dramaturgy for the Performance Arts master’s degree at UPV and Fine Arts in Bilbao, Fine Arts in Granada, the Master of Education at the Complutense University of Madrid, at Michel[Trad2] de Montaigne University (Bordeaux), for the master’s degree at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and at space experimentation centres like La Térmica in Malaga.

“The course being presented relates to the body, with its dimensions in space and the performative elements that appear therein. The syntax of the image generates the movement and the pretext to design and compose inside space; the body as a tool for understanding space and space as the beginning of action and identity.

We will work with clothing as a plastic element that makes up spaces and produces volumes to be expanded. Light and shadow will organise narrations with which to give value to their identities. An individual sound space that will participate in the collective, where words will shape the soundtrack of memory.  A space that will always be different and will be part of the search for other new places.

Each session will become a unique performative act where my relationship with the creators leads them to combine the most direct communication with the most intense artistic research. Similarly, with each session a complex and complete project can be undertaken, as depending on the premises of the day, with potential combinations of scenographic elements: light, voice, movement, actions, costumes, sound space, they will cause the idea of the moment to combine with that of learning and their expressive identity”, J.L. Raymond.

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Language: Spanish

16 - 22 October

From 4 to 8 p.m.

Nave 10. Sala de Hormigón

50 euros