Worshop - Catechesis
Teatro Praga

Teatro Praga has become a benchmark of Portuguese contemporary creation throughout the world.


The purpose of this workshop, led by André E. Teodósio, Cláudia Jardim, and José Maria Vieira Mendes, from Teatro Praga, is to challenge what we know about artistic disciplines (theatre, performance art, drama, dance...) and social identities. We will create a critical atmosphere so that participants can observe the world from different angles, illuminating shadows and questioning their position in life. We will reflect on how identity is created beyond our will and what possibilities there are to undo it and to transform rules and traditions.

The workshop will have a theoretical component open to a dialogue on history and contemporaneity, and a section dedicated to artistic practices. 

Registration with participant selection. For more information: info@navesmatadero.es (subject: Catechesis Workshop)


Established in 1995, Teatro Praga has become a benchmark of Portuguese contemporary creation throughout the world. Its creations have found the support of the most prestigious contemporary cultural institutions in Portugal and have been presented at international festivals such as, for example, the Macao Arts Festival in China, the Chantiers d’Europe Festival at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris or the VIE Festival in Modena. Although the work developed by Teatro Praga may be conventional in appearance, they have an exceptional way of working a scene. They define themselves as a group of artists, different ones in each show, with a heraldic shield that unites them. “We delight in the established order and we find that its unpredictable variations are a way of extending the concept of predictability”, they explain. Their current base is in Rua das Gaivotas, 6 (www.ruadasgaivotas6.pt), in Lisbon, where they also offer residences to emerging young Portuguese artists who don’t fit in elsewhere.

From 26 February to 2 March

To be confirmed


50 euros