Naves Matadero

Naves Matadero - International Living Arts Centre aims to create a space for contemporary creation and thinking, with a particular focus on new performing arts languages and on transversality enabling us to operate as a catalyst between creators and citizens; a space where the performing arts, visual arts, literature, philosophy, film, music and transmedia activities are interconnected in an interdisciplinary programme.

Research is a basic work tool which has become one of the pillars of the project, present in both our own productions and in joint projects with the other structures that make up Matadero Madrid, as well as with other spaces and institutions.

We foster innovative projects that enable us to transform our relationship with artistic expression, rethinking the process, strategies and creative impact.

We work as part of a network with national and international agents and institutions, uniting artists, collectives, curators, independent cultural agents, etc.

Curiosity for theatre, dance, new circus, music, the visual arts, performance and unidentified hybrid forms will allow us to define Naves Matadero - International Living Arts Centre as an expanding space which, from its most immediate environment, makes contact with the city and becomes an exceptional centre with the wherewithal to tackle projects at the national and international level.

A new era lies before us. Departing from a time of economic, social and political crisis, we find a new paradigm. We aspire to lead the way in a new form of promoting creative processes, causing the abilities of participating collectives to surface, fostering the appearance of new interpretations of reality, researching in order to ensure the emergence of THE NEW, understood not as an absolute term that rejects the PRESENT but as a LEGITIMATE artistic and creative aspiration to serve as an outlet for new perspectives and new ways of acting and of being in a globalised world.

Mateo Feijóo
Artistic Director