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From 8 September
Moisés Mahiques
Visual artist Moisés Mahiques' work is some of the most interesting on the national exhibition scene.
From 8 September
Ximena and Sergio
Photographers Ximena Garrigues and Sergio Moya are fundamental figures on Spain's editorial scene. In March 2017 they approached Naves Matadero with the idea of documenting the path of the artists showcased during the first season.
from 26 november 2017 to 27 may 2018

17 december - Coro de la Red de Escuelas Municipales de Música y Danza (Madrid’s City Council)

From 15 to 17 December
Nerval show us in this performance, broadening the meaning of their musical creation beyond instruments, using their bodies, various objects and the space around them to create hybrid scenes with a strong element of live music.