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21 September - February
The artist Monoperro has painted the mural Viejos Ojos Espejos -Old Mirror Eyes- in the hall of Nave 10 using everything that came out of a workshop he organised for older people.
21 September - February
Vic Snake
The painter and tattoo artist Vic Snake creates universes based on true or fictional stories. On this occasion he has created a mural painting in the hall of Nave 11 where he introduces the spectator into his world of fantasy.
11 December - 6 January
Petr Nikl, Jiří Wald and Radana Waldova
An interactive exhibition where kinetic movements, light, shadows and sounds are elements with which the visitor can interact.
10 - 13 january
Emilio Rivas – La ofrenda
How do you live those years that will determine the rest of your life? What political gesture is implied by the decision to have children? Is a child the best thing a human being can bring into the world?