Introductory notes by Cristina Ward (British Council Spain) and new reflections by Cai Tomos.

It’s impossible not to feel inspired by Cai Tomos, by his enthusiasm and by the way in which he projects the inspiration he himself receives from the visual artists from Debajo del Sombrero who are taking part in the project Some Things from Somewhere in the Naves del Matadero.

We’ve fallen into the routine of meeting every month at the end of the week he spends in Madrid working with Andrés, Luisma, Mario, Alberto, Itziar and Belén. He describes the progress each of them is making on the physical expression or object they’re developing under his guidance, in which the focus on movement and physical freedom plays a fundamental role, and how slowly but surely their artworks are becoming tangible results of this process of exploration and experimentation. Our apprehension in June that it might be difficult to get back on track after the long summer break was unfounded; it was “business as usual” although not without some of those surprises that can be expected in any artistic process.

I have the feeling that there’s a part of Cai that wishes the project would never end! Over the last months both his relationship with the artists and the impact of their work and their personalities on him have steadily grown and deepened. Nevertheless he’s quite obviously excited and looking forward to the public presentation early next year of the unique and ingenious artworks that have been created during the workshop, portraying these artists’ unique vision of the world.

Cristina Ward

Walking with Andrés (by Cai Tomos)

Andrés began walking…

We followed behind, always behind.

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