The sessions in May and June have allowed Cai and the artists from Debajo del Sombrero to continue developing the artistic dialogue they first began in March.

The space that emerges between them and the objects they work with generates new languages and questions that don’t necessarily demand answers. A good example of this is the experimental process that Luisma is carrying out with water: find out more about his journey by reading this chronicle.

"John Cage stated that task in the creative process was trying to be unfamiliar with what’s happening.

The more time progresses and ideas begin to form, the more helpful it can be to try to remain on the side of unknowing. Continuously unknowing. There is a contraction and expansion between freedom and structure in any artistic process. The thinking mind, like the wings of a bird, needs to work and generate energy first, then it is gifted with the possible surrender, the soaring that comes as a result of that energy, like the body of the bird carried as if by some miracle, it is suspended."

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