After the first week of work celebrated in march and centred on the dialogue with the artists, sessions in april where dedicated to explore each participant potential.

On Monday Cai worked with Luis Saez (from the Debajo del Sombrero team) and the artist Andrés Fernández in a project which consisted in walking the city. On Tuesday Iziar began to develop a creative movement project in the theatre space in Naves Matadero.

Wednesday was a big day for the workshop and Cai worked with several different artists to gauge ideas and possibilities. On Thursday Cai worked with Luisma Marias using water and movement.  Friday saw Cai working with Belén Sánchez. 

"Sitting watching Belen repeat a rhythm on a keyboard time and time and time again. There was relentlessness. Pressing the keys and speaking into the microphone with many voices coming through her. I was lost in absorption, almost hypnotized, drawn so deeply into the quality of her relationship with the immediate present, it became pure duration."

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