"Why Cai?
Cai approaches softly,
The rain falls incessantly, it's persistent and softens stone.
The hours pass while the morning advances, and the plinth shifts in the great square.
Arms outstretched.

The rain continues and all the orphan children come out from the NO-DO, to be made incarnate in Cai's cold body.
I met Cai in the rain, and years later I encountered him one morning in the company of elderly people, touching their body and appreciating their muscles, their joints, their bones. Do you know how many bones the human foot has?... Music plays in the distant background, as if it were the breath of the human group[A1] that strolls around shaking hands and looking into each other's eyes. Days passed and I saw them again, framed inside a golden frame that they were able to transcend. Feet and hands, kisses and hugs, laughter and glances, words and whispers… a tapestry of bodies in motion. The golden frame faded away mid-afternoon.

Months passed and one morning I wrote to Cai. Dear Cai, I'm going to work in a new space in Madrid: Naves Matadero. There is a collective of artists there whom I believe would like to engage in dialogue with you, to invite you to come in “debajo del sombrero” (under the hat) they live in and, sheltered by the shade of satin and felt, to imagine wolves and thunder, children lost in distant forests and women lying under the moon, giraffes and lions with old lullabies whispered in their ears and crabs that come out of their burrows, very early, to skate on frozen ponds.

Cai comes to Madrid and we speak and they speak and look at each other and listen to each other and everyone says that he creates dialogue with the other, that he's alive and he builds using human experiences. The universe of Cai is formed through an encounter with our bodies, with our sounds, obsessions and emotions, with our life stories… Cai weaves a space for communication without virtuosity but full of different densities that are shared through dreams and fears, through contemplation and the ideas that blend the intellect with the heart, via physical endeavour.

Alongside Cai we can venture into empty space, imprinting our presence on it and hearing every gesture, every look, every breath. Our entire body communicates and expresses as a whole, every single moment. Only thus can one be free in the pleasure of action. Cai explores beyond the boundaries that the norm establishes as fitting.

With this project, we aim to research, to invite various artists to engage in dialogue and join in a long process of searching in which each of us will be present and will play an active role, in order to build a new universe where our monsters and ghosts take on form. We will write in the midst of silence and every day we will draw circles on the water; we will survive the flames and from the smoke we will build cities and dragons that will sleep easy atop the black charcoal lines.

We will abandon servitude and prudence, venturing into thick forests.
We will walk above man.
We will find the path of gentleness, and ingenuity will work miracles on us".

Mateo Feijóo